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Premature Baby Care At Home

Premature Baby Care At Home

Babies are sensitive when they are born, and premature babies born 3 weeks before their due date are more sensitive and need great care and attention in every aspect. These babies are born before the 37th week of pregnancy. These babies are born earlier, but this birth is dangerous both for mother and child’s life. If they are born safely, they may suffer from various complications or diseases like respiratory stress disorder, anemia, and many other complications.

When you move from hospital to your home, that is a good thing because the hospital will never let you go home if there is any problem with the mother or premature baby. So, you need to learn how to take care of your premature baby, who is very sensitive and weak. Your child may catch some infections or germs in a hospital that are bad for his health.

Premature Baby Complications And Its Prevention At Home

  • As the premature baby is earlier than the average period, they might suffer complications different from the full-term baby. The premature baby may have trouble breathing because his respiratory system is still immature. This can lead to serious health problems, so these babies are kept under observation in hospitals and stabilize their heart rate via machines.
  • Preterm babies have no fat on their body, so that they might catch a cold at room temperature, so they need to be placed in a warm place and need to be adequately covered and warm.

Breastfeeding An Important Constituent For Premature Baby

For taking care of a premature baby, health and proper nutrition come first, and this is the only way for the premature to get plenty of nutrients needed for its growth and development. These nutrients boost immunity and make the baby grow faster and more secure.

Breast milk is easier and faster to digest as it is designed naturally for your baby’s body. You can have a nurse or midwife show you or teach you how to breastfeed your baby, which is the only thing they can consume in their body at the time of birth. Breastfeeding is the only way to fulfill their requirements much better than formula milk for infants for baby care at home.

Steps To Be Considered For The Health Care Of Premature Baby At Home

Mother abd baby care at home in Dubai is necessary for the baby’s health. Your healthcare team will guide you with proper rules and methods to care for your premature baby at home. These steps include;

  • The standard and stable baby’s body temperature should be 36.6 degrees C to 37.2 degrees C. because premature babies are less likely to control their body temperature than full-term babies. They need to be adequately checked.
  • Premature babies are most likely to sleep than full-term babies, and they don’t know the sleep pattern and difference between day and night having an irregular sleep cycle. Make sure your baby sleeps on their back, not on his stomach.
  • During the early days of premature birth, the immunity level is shallow in babies, so they need to be kept safe in the healthy environment of their home. Don’t expose them to an open, airy environment. They might catch infections or colds and limit the visitors as they touch the baby, leading them to severe complications.

Experienced Baby Nurses Facilities At Home

As a new mother, you may have to face many challenges and changes with a baby right after leaving the hospital. Taking care of your baby, especially a premature baby, seems to be difficult, so there is an experienced and well-trained team of baby nurses that will help you with your responsibilities. These nurses are well trained about the supplements, nutrition, and preventions you need to take during the first few weeks of a baby’s birth.

These baby nurses provide you with various facilities and services;

  • Takes care of your baby
  • Help you feed, bathe, baby settle, and cope with the crying baby for you.
  • Monitoring baby’s routine and daily growth plotting them on growth chart including height, weight and another figure
  • Breastfeeding and managing other nutritional needs for its stable growth
  • Help treat your baby’s emergency mood swings, indigestion problems, acidity, etc.

Pediatrics services at the home doctor on call in Dubai provide you with immediate and easy access to the doctor at home for any emergency to your premature baby.

Concluding It

Premature babies are sensitive and weak. They need special care and attention to avoid harmful environmental aspects. Baby nurses are also available for the better development of your baby, ensuring their good health.

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