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Palliative Care, as defined by (WHO) the World Health Organization, is an approach to enhance the well-being of patients and their families who are confronted with life-threatening illnesses. It involves the proactive identification and comprehensive management of pain and other physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

By focusing on early detection, accurate assessment, and effective treatment, Palliative Care strives to prevent and alleviate suffering, ultimately improving patients’ overall quality of life. In critical stages of chronic illnesses, patients require specialized support to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, ease tension, and address feelings of depression.

Expert Care dedicated Palliative Care team provides exceptional treatment for the disease and fosters open discussions to help patients comprehend the nature of their illness. Through world-class treatment approaches, our Palliative Care Providers alleviate mental stress and offer compassionate relief to patients at every phase of their illness.

Palliative Care In Dubai

Why Us For Palliative Care At Home In Dubai?

Expert Care is dedicated to providing a compassionate approach to end-of-life care to enhance the quality of the remaining life and enable individuals to live as fully and comfortably as possible. Our Palliative Care Home Nursing Service offers a dignified and comfortable alternative to hospital care, prioritizing the well-being and quality of life within your home’s familiar and nurturing environment.

We understand that palliative care encompasses more than just symptom management. It involves providing comprehensive care that alleviates symptoms, even when there is still hope for a cure through alternative treatments. By delivering palliative care in the patient’s home, we ensure that individuals receive the necessary support and comfort to address their symptoms and improve their overall well-being.

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Palliative Care Nursing Scope Of Services Offered

  • Increment in lives’ quality.
  • Positive Outlook to living more.
  • Stress relief within a shorter span.
  • Better care with respect to patients’ requirements.
  • Learning aspect of diseases and hitches.
  • Extra suggestions and recommendations to working of medical staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Palliative care is a form of healthcare that aims to alleviate symptoms and reduce the emotional burden caused by severe illnesses. Its purpose is to enhance the well-being of both the patient and their loved ones. The main primary aspects of palliative care include addressing psychological, spiritual, and physical needs.

The duration of palliative care can vary, ranging from a short period of days or weeks to potentially spanning several years, depending on the specific requirements and circumstances of the individual. It’s worth noting that palliative care can be provided in various settings, including one’s home, a hospital, a care home, or a hospice.

Palliative care is beneficial throughout all stages of illness and is most effective when initiated soon after a person receives a diagnosis. Apart from enhancing the quality of life and managing symptoms, palliative care plays a crucial role in assisting patients in comprehending their options for medical treatment.

In palliative care, suitable medications for pain management may include opioids like morphine, diamorphine, oxycodone, or alfentanil. For addressing breathlessness, medications such as midazolam or opioids may be prescribed.

Midazolam is commonly used to alleviate anxiety. In cases of delirium or agitation, healthcare providers may administer medications like haloperidol, levomepromazine, midazolam, or phenobarbital.

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