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lab Tests At Home In Dubai

Lab Tests At Home

“Is it seeming hard for you to take out some time to get done with your lab test by visiting the hospital because there is a lot of tasks you are required to get done with?”

or “Are you getting late for your test because you are not coming across any reliable and credible option which can assist you at your own comfort?”

or “Have you got your test done but the results are not being exhibited to you and it has taken a lot of time?”

If illness or disability mean that you cannot travel to an outpatient lab for routine blood work, Expert Care can come to you. Having blood drawn at home can help cut your anxiety level about traveling to a facility, eliminating the traffic time and cost of transportation. Our Certified Phlebotomists will visit you at home, and will collect a specimen and transport it to our prefered local Laboratory for testing .

Then at least, you have come across a one-stop solution to every problem relating to lab tests. Lab Tests at Home in Dubai service from the platform of Expert Care can facilitate you on the ease of your surroundings and the whole team of specialists can reach out to you within no time.

Our team is able to complete a Complete Blood Count (CBC), Red Blood Cell, White Blood Cells, Platelets, Ferritin, Lipids, B12, and more.

Ease and Convenience of process

The process we have built for the Diagnostic Blood Test at Home can get you away with test trouble within less than 1 to 2 days. A qualified team of specialists would come to your doorstep within less than an hour you made a call to us. Within less than an hour, the sample would be taken by using all the required equipment which has no doubt of contamination or virus transmission. After that, the sample would be taken to the lab of Expert Care, the result would be extracted within less than a day and the result would be shown and exhibited to you digitally or by visiting your home if you want further consultations and suggestions. Here, it is to prove that any type of experience that you want can be accommodated by taking care of your need and you want.

Blood Test at Home and Fast Result Exhibition.

For the purpose of a Diagnostic Blood Test at Home, a blood test can be undertaken at your ease. If a urinal test is to be undertaken according to the prevalent disease situation, then this testing can also be done. Therefore, it is to claim that any type of test which is your need can easily be undergone and results can even be shown within a limited amount of time to accommodate all those people who want not to wither time but to use it to treat and cure a particular disease.

Our team is also able to get done with a complete Blood count, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and lipids.

Category Based Test Types

Our Lab Test at Home service is not limited to only a few types. To put this idea into practice, let’s have a look at all the following category base test types which are available and mentioned down below.

  • Diabetes-Based tests accommodation.
  •  Blood Sugar Test.
  •  Urine test and analysis.
  •  Covid-19 PCR testing and Exhibition of the result.
  • Complete blood count test services
  •  Cholesterol test facilitation.
  •  Hormonal test types.
  •  Pregnancy test and service.

On the basis of all the services and data that we can provide with respect to above mentioned information, it is to claim that the Expert Care Lab Test at Home Service in Dubai is an all-rounder in its possibilities and number 1 in its effectiveness and operations. Any type of test calamity that is disturbing your life can be made easy for you at your own convenience. If you are left with any test type or have any type of disease-based doubt then what are you waiting for.

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