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The period of covid-19 calamity is extending more and more as new variants are emerging within such a small and confined time span. Due to this, people always strive their level best to stay inside the boundaries of home as much as it is probable for them. With respect to Covid-19, people desire for Fast Traffic PCR Testing service in Dubai but also a service that can get to their home within no time.

People are not only in the rush of getting results of PCR testing as soon as possible but also want not to go outside the loop of their home. Because if you are going for PCR testing tangibly, then there is no surety that you are Covid-positive or negative but getting outside the home and reaching to doctors’ clinic can make you Covid-19 positive If you contract any virus on the way. So in order to eradicate the probability of unexpected covid-19 transmission, Expert Care has girded up its loins to safeguard you from the outside world Covid-19 virus.

Expert Care Health Team’s protocols

Dependence on any medical healthcare staff is not to be tailored overnight or within the blink of an eye. There are certain values, attributes, and traits that have to be lodged in the organization’s aims and targets. And Expert Care doctors and physicians team completely know how to keep all the values and ethics into account in order to provide the ultimate best experience to patient. No risk or insecurity is to be attached to our team’s efficiency of functionality as well as to keeping up with protocols and rules is what our priority looks like.

Whenever you make a call to our Expert Care’s Home PCR test in Dubai, PCR testing codes including wearing a mask, keeping a distance of more than 6 to 8 feet, wearing a complete medical uniform, and taking a swap without any hitch is to be taken care of.

Testing Types and Results Compatibility

Our mission statements are always the picture of indulging patients’ wants and whatever service they want us to incorporate with respect to their subjectivity. If we particularly give vent to the Covid-19 testing side then no imposition of our systems is to be witnessed.

If you have more reliance on PCR testing or RT-PCR testing or Covid Antibody testing then all types of testing are completely accommodated on our platform. Because your subjectivity and experiences are our priority.

Furthermore, PCR Tests in Dubai at Home or RT-PCR tests in Dubai by Expert Care are carried out in a way that no lacking area is left behind. It is not only our responsibility but a desire to erect compatible results that are undoubtedly correct and appropriate.

Hurried results are also provided from our side but if you are looking for a plan that can give you results within no time then you can have access to our VIP appointment plan.

VIP appointment plan and Pronto functionality

If you are logged in the circle of Dubai and looking for Fast Track PCR testing services in Dubai at home which can give you result accommodation within 2 hours then the VIP appointment plan is to be activated by informing the consultant at call. Once you have gone for a VIP appointment plan then no time is to be taken to build up your time security, dependence, and credibility.

We not only provide ease to VIP appointments but also the ones going for conventional deals and exercises. If you went for our normal healthcare service for PCR testing then results are to be shown within 6 to 24 hours which is the normal requirement of everyone.

Now time fluctuation, a huge level of assistance and validation of PCR Test in Dubai at Home has been made amusable. Book covid-19 PCR Test at Home in Dubai service by making a call to Expert Care and enjoy the perks and privileges of our service without taking care of your budget, traveling glitch, contamination of process, or accessibility demerit. Make a call and get done PCR testing in the comfort of home.

At Home PCR & Covid Antibody Testing

If you or a loved one are located in Dubai, UAE, Expert Care staff can reach you in 60 minutes and take your swab. We offer Covid PCR results and antibody results within 6, 8, 12, or 24 hour periods after a test.

If you are in a rush, you can make a VIP appointment and our licensed nurse will be at your door in no time!

If you have any emergency Doctor’s need, simply call our 24 hour emergency

Your personal case manager will ensure that you receive the best possible care.

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