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Home Care Services: Several Types of Healthcare at Home

Home Care Services: Several Types of Healthcare at Home

There are some points where we can’t handle our old age parents or grandparents in our lives. They need proper care that requires at least 20 hours a day. In fact, many of them can’t do their daily tasks or light house chores.

Do you want someone expert and professional who can look after your loved ones? That’s the beauty of home care services providers who can handle older people and their families as well.

However, if you don’t know about Home Healthcare Services Dubai and how many variations are offered, then read this blog post. It would be helpful for your knowledge, so keep reading!

What Are Home Care Services?

A type of home care that provides assistance in several forms to those who suffer from a certain range of medical conditions is known as home care services. These are offered for recovery and rehabilitation, senior care, and long-term support.

In simple words, if you want an expert including all the personalized assistance, then these services are best for you. This is because the home care service providers are professional and receive the best training for better care.

Various Types of Home Care

Generally, there are several types of home care, and it depends on the condition and choice of people. In addition, different patients need different kinds of care and services. So, these three are the specific types of home care mentioned below:

Personal Care and Companionship

In this type of care, there is no need for any assistance from a nurse. Instead, the tasks might be daily activities like helping to prepare meals, preparing for a bath, getting dressed, and completing errands for the patient.

In simple words, this type of care will help and make your home life stress free as much as possible. Also, it can be your own family member, or you can hire someone professionally if you can afford it. Mainly it is also known as companion care, senior care, home care, or assistive care.

Nursing Care For Private Duty

A person who is suffering from a chronic illness or any kind of disability then he/she needs someone for the long term, e.g., a professional nurse. It includes both health care and assisted care with routine activities.

These types of caregivers are well trained, and they can assist you with respite care, treat to heal, and all several medical problems or disabilities. Also, diseases like

ALS, MS, or spinal cord injuries patients can choose these care providers.

Simply, they are home-based trained nurses, long-term care providers, and ventilator care. In this type, the nurses require more training to perform private duties. Therefore, they can be more costly as compared to other types of Home Care Nurse Services Dubai.

Home Health Care

Last but not least, home health care providers are for short-term care. Their purpose of hiring is like you need help to recover from any injury or illness etc. It may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical social work, or cleaning wound type of care as well.

Such providers are also known as intermittent skilled care, visiting nurse services, or medicare-certified home health care providers. This type of care will be directed by a physician and covered by medicare insurance.

These types of nurses are also costly and will charge you according to per hour, just like private duty nursing care. Any of them can be expensive compared to the average caretaker.

All Summed Up!

Therefore, these are the several basic variations of available home care services. Every family needs to choose better and more trustworthy home care agencies that offer such specific services and offer a reasonable budget.

If you want to get these services from trustworthy, then feel free to consult Expert Care UAE. We are offering such caregiver services in a very affordable range. Our team and expert nurses are always connected with the expert Doctor on call. It would be a memorable experience with us!

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