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Blood Test at Home is the New Normal

Blood Test at Home is the New Normal

Blood Test at Home is the New Normal

Regular blood tests are essential for identifying and monitoring various diseases, but finding a lab that can produce accurate results can be time-consuming. Technology development has aided healthcare professionals in making diagnostic procedures for patients as simple as possible.

Having blood tests done at home is now the new norm for anyone who is sick of standing in long lines at labs for their turn. It will make your life easy and save you alot of time.

However, you will learn about why collecting a Blood Test at Home is the new normal by discussing several reasons. So, take a moment and read this informative blog post.

Reasons for collecting blood samples at home

These modifications to healthcare institutions have adopted new procedures and technologies that enable patients to collect their own blood or conduct self-tests. Yet, at the same time, they are safe and secure at home.

Remote blood collection, screening, and testing are more popular now than ever because they desire to communicate with patients and clinical trial participants while secure at home.


Here are several reasons why people choose this amazing service.

  • It is accessible – Patients who live far from metro centers can have their blood drawn remotely, saving them the trip to the hospital. In addition, doctors can remotely monitor patients and request blood tests that can be performed on patient-collected samples thanks to telehealth technologies like wireless heart monitors and remote devices.


  • It is comfortable – They use a patented volumetric absorptive microsampling technique that involves taking tiny, volumetrically precise blood samples on the absorbent tip of the apparatus. The method enhances the patient experience because it is simpler to use than other self-sampling tools and less painful and stressful than venipuncture blood draws. In addition, patients can accurately take blood samples at home, reducing the number of visits necessary for follow-up medical care, such as therapeutic drug monitoring.


  • It is satisfying – Clinical trials will continue to be a crucial component of research even after the pandemic. A convenient method for samples from trial participants who cannot visit the trial center is remote sampling. Participants can order the remote sampling kit over the phone and deliver it to their residence. Participants return their blood samples via mail for laboratory examination.


  • It is a safe choice – Blood collection remotely promotes patient and healthcare professional safety. Patients are not required to go to a clinic for blood collection or testing. Instead, blood collection kits are mailed to the patient. Patients send their samples to the lab for analysis by mail using the provided envelope.

The patient-centric approach to blood collection is rapidly replacing traditional blood draws. When necessary, a small number of healthcare organizations still send phlebotomists to patients’ homes to provide mobile lab services, but this practice has some safety risks. To help lower the risk of exposure for patients and medical personnel, businesses like expert care are offering straightforward at-home blood collection kits with the Mitra microsampling device.


  • It is a Viability – Patients’ avoidance of in-person blood draws and lab tests has forced many doctor’s offices, clinics, and labs to transition their staff to part-time hours or fire employees, lower salaries, and halt 410(k) matching. In addition, many healthcare organizations are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic because they are unable to adopt telehealth and the supporting technologies quickly.

The Takeaway

Therefore, A patient-centric approach is used in remote blood collection. Phlebotomists are only occasionally sent by a few healthcare organizations to patients’ homes to conduct lab tests as needed. If necessary, you can also get a doctor to visit your home.

To collect lab samples at the patient’s convenience at home or at the office, Expert Care UAE is equipped to send home healthcare specialists for lab Tests At Home In Dubai. Feel free to make an appointment as it is simple as filling out a form or scheduling one through a phone call.

5 Reasons Why Calling A Doctor At Home Is A Blessing

5 Reasons Why Calling A Doctor At Home Is A Blessing

5 Reasons Why Calling A Doctor At Home Is A Blessing

Nowadays, the latest worldwide trend is that of a doctor on call. People are now concerned not only about their health but also about not becoming carriers of the disease to their loved ones. It is not only simple but also very reliable to find a doctor on call. People from all walks of life are now shifting from visiting hospitals to a Doctor on call in Dubai.

With this trend continuing, visits to hospitals or clinics can only be limited if the patient requires testing by any heavy machinery that is not portable. Now all post-test communication is shifted to phone calls or the use of a specific app. A patient can even communicate beforehand whether or not he needs to see a doctor based on his health.

In this blog post, you will learn all about 5 reasons why calling a Doctor At Home is a blessing. So, let’s just go over the benefits of having these services at your home.

Five Good Reasons To Call A Doctor At Home

Generally, there are several benefits and reasons for calling a doctor at home in Dubai. Therefore, major five reasons are mentioned below

1.   Unable To Move To The Hospital Or Too Sick To Move

The first reason why people prefer this service is because either they are too sick to move to the hospitable or inability to move. Fortunately, a doctor at home in Dubai is a service that can be used when a patient is too sick to move, such as when a patient has a fever of more than 104 degrees and finds it difficult to get out of bed.

The most difficult task for a patient at this time is to breathe properly. It feels like a bad dream, and the patient wants to wake up and put an end to it. But now, you can seek doctor-at-home services anytime.

Isn’t having a doctor’s attention and care at home a blessing in this situation? Naturally, it is! It’s like having a cup of tea at your bedside while you wait for the doctor instead of standing or sitting in a long line in a plastic or uncomfortable chair.

2.   You Have Kids

Having children is a difficult task, and taking them to the hospital appears to be another milestone. Hospitals, no matter how clean they appear, are never a safe or germ-free environment for your child. Children have a weakened immune system and are more susceptible to infection. There are times when you have no one at home to care for your child.

Regardless, when your child is screaming in the hospital about being bored or wanting to sleep and no amount of love is making them calm, parents must demonstrate extraordinary patience. The constant crying of children disturbs other patients, particularly the sick.

In these situations, having a doctor come to your house is a godsend. Don’t be afraid to contact home health care services in Dubai.

3.   Time Is Ticking Away Or Can’t-Wait In Queues

Do you believe that spending endless hours in line is worth your valuable time? Even though most clinics allow sick people to pre-book appointments, when you arrive at the clinic, you need to read those boring, senseless magazines from the doctor’s reception for passing your time.

However, if you have the money, skipping the appointment and calling the doctor at home is the better option. It would be a blessing if you call the doctor at home. Consider how much time you will save by eliminating the commute and the endless hours spent waiting for your turn.

4.   It Is Difficult For The Elderly People

Traveling is difficult for the elderly around us, and their condition worsens when they are ill. They are in critical condition and require specialized transport to the hospital. Then they have to go to the hospital, sit in line, and wait for their turn to see their doctor. Patients with Arthritis or other joint pain are more likely to be harmed as a result of a visit.

It is therefore preferable not to endanger the health of your elderly relatives. Simply call a doctor to your home so that they can be treated in complete relaxation rather than becoming ill as a result of the hospital visit.

5.   When Patient Requires Special Attention And Care

Do you know that being loved and cared for is the most important emotion in humans? It comes as no surprise that doctors who do not properly care for their patients end up exacerbating the situation and worst experiences.

In hospitals, this is the case when patients are intentionally or unintentionally neglected by doctors, but in either case, the patient suffers the most. It can be difficult for patients to express their emotions and symptoms in front of strangers.

Consider how much more at ease a patient will feel when top doctors examine them in their own homes. The patient will receive better care, and the treatment will be more efficient and effective. Therefore, It is said that when a patient is fully informed about their problem, it is easier for the doctor to recommend a cure.

All Summed Up

The bottom line is that as technology advances, life has become significantly easier. Every convenience is now at our fingertips, and we must take advantage of all of them.

If you want to get such doctor-on-call services in Dubai from some expert and trustworthy then feel free to consult Expert Care UAE. We are here to give you promising results and performance without any delay and worst experience.

Lab Test at Home Services is the New Normal – Here’s How!

Lab at Home Services is the New Normal

Lab at Home Services is the New Normal

Nowadays, people are becoming more tech-savvy and taking control of their health into their own hands, which is a good and helpful thing. Now, it is easy to even get done your Blood Test at Home in Dubai.

Home test kits, in particular, are frequently less expensive than in-office visits and these can help you discover any health issues on your own time. The results can be easily sent to your healthcare professional for discussion at a follow-up appointment.

In this blog post, you will learn many reasons and benefits of the lab at-home services because it is getting a new normal. So, please keep reading!

Get Lab At Home Services in Dubai

Generally, there are many people that preferred getting lab tests at home because it is easy to access and you don’t have to make effort. Such services are now available at your doorstep.

Even if it is inconvenient for you to visit a medical center or lab for routine blood work? Then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With Healthcare’s lab-at-home services, you can expect prompt, accurate diagnosis and results.

So, it is very easy and simple to get your Lab tests at home in Dubai by following a few steps. You just need to make a phone call and talk to the licensed practitioner that will be sent a nurse to your home at a scheduled time. After that, they will collect the sample by using medical tools and give you accurate results as per the requirements.

Types Of Lab Tests

As mentioned above, it becomes easy that you can get your test done and get the report results at your home. So, there are various types of lab tests that you can get done through this amazing service. Common types are listed below:

  • Blood test
  • Allergy test
  • Blood sugar test
  • CRP
  • Covid 19 test
  • Diabetes test
  • Hepatitis A, B, C
  • Hormone test
  • Complete kidney function test
  • Complete liver test
  • Pregnancy test
  • Urine test
  • Vitamin test

Therefore, if you want to get the test done on any of them or as per your doctor’s prescribed then you can choose such services. The Lab test collection at home is done by DHA licensed nurses.

Benefits Of Home Services

Why leave the house when you can have quality lab tests performed in the comfort of your own home by a DHA Certified Nurse? There are several benefits of availing of these services at home, such as

  • These lab tests are done by DHA licensed nurses only.
  • It is the most convenient solution.
  • Available at home 24/7, 365 days services.
  • Only certified and internationally accredited labs examine samples.
  • You can save your energy and time.
  • Samples will be collected from the best medical practices.
  • Most tests produce accurate results within 2 hours.
  • The doctor will be reviewed the results.
  • It can aid in the early detection of health risks.
  • There will be no risks of getting infected by hospital diseases.
  • It will reduce the possibility of complications

How To Get An Appointment For A Lab Test?

This process is very simple and easy anyone can book an appointment. With just one phone call, a DHA Certified Nurse will be at your door to collect the blood samples (or other specimens) required for your lab tests.

Your test results will be delivered to you in less than 2 hours* at your home, with the assurance that they are accurate, reliable, and cross-checked by the most qualified doctors. So, you don’t have to wait and Call us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Final Thought

Technological advancements have enabled healthcare providers to make diagnostic procedures easier for patients. This is why lab tests at home are becoming the new normal for anyone who is tired of waiting in long lines at labs for their turn.

If you want to get home healthcare services in Dubai from expert and licensed providers then feel free to consult Expert Care UAE. we are here to give you helpful service and all types of lab tests at your doorstep without making effort or traveling. So, book your appointment with us and make your experience memorable.

5 Reasons Why At-Home Blood Sample Collection Is The New Normal

5 Reasons Why At-Home Blood Sample Collection Is The New Normal

5 Reasons Why At-Home Blood Sample Collection Is The New Normal

The world is getting advanced and everything is just provided at your doorstep. Previously, the number of people visiting labs for blood draws and blood tests has decreased since the pandemic. People avoided going out for minimizing the spread of covid-19.

On the other side, now people prefer to get a Blood Test at Home in Dubai for sample collection. Now you may wonder why these changes are applied and what are the reasons for ruling it in Dubai.

You will learn all about five amazing reasons why at-home blood sample collection is the new normal in this blog post. So, please continue reading for diving into the information.

Reasons For Blood Sample Collection Is A New Normal

Generally, these changes in health institutions have adopted new practices and technologies that allow patients to perform their own blood collection or self-tests while they are remaining safe at home. The desire to communicate with patients and clinical trial participants while they are safe at home has increased the demand for distant blood collection, screening, and testing.

However, If you’re still not convinced, consider these five benefits of getting Lab tests at home in Dubai, such as

1.   Easy To Access

When someone is considering blood collection at home, it would be easy for those who live far away from the lab centers and can’t travel enough. But thanks to remote blood collection as it becomes a quick and easy way to get your blood test done by not going out.

All you want to get access via email and video chat through several platforms like GoToMeeting, Zoom, and many others. They will provide you services like wireless heart monitors, remote devices, and monitoring and order blood tests that can be performed on samples collected from the patient.

2.   Comfortable Experience

There are various types of technologies like volumetric absorptive micro-sampling technology that involve collecting small and accurate blood samples on the device’s absorbent tip. Because it is less painful and stressful than venipuncture blood draws, the method improves the patient experience. Patients can take precise blood samples at home, reducing the number of visits required for healthcare follow-ups such as therapeutic drug monitoring.

3.   A Safe Choice

Another benefit of this facility is, that both patients and healthcare providers benefit from remote blood collection. Patients do not need to go to a clinic or hospital to have their blood drawn or tested. That is how it becomes easy to get services of Lab test collection at home.

Rather than, collection kits for blood collection are mailed to the patient. Patients send their samples to the lab in the provided envelope for testing. Traditional blood draws are being replaced by patient-centric blood collection methods. When needed, a small number of healthcare organizations still send phlebotomists to patients’ homes to provide mobile lab services, but this practice poses some safety risks.

To help reduce the risk of exposure for patients and health workers, companies such as Expert Care UAE offer simple at-home blood collection kits with the Mitra microsampling device.

4.   Convenience

Clinical trials will continue to be an important part of research even after the pandemic. Remote sampling allows for the collection of samples from trial volunteers who are unable to visit the trial center. Participants can request the remote sampling kit by calling the NIH and having it shipped to their homes. Participants return their blood samples to the NIH for lab analysis.

5.   Viability

Last but not least, with patients avoiding in-person blood draws and lab tests, several doctor’s offices, health centers, and labs have been forced to reduce staffing, lay off employees, reduce salaries, and suspend 410(k)-matching.

The coronavirus pandemic is threatening the viability of many healthcare organizations that are unable to quickly adapt to tele health and the technologies that enable it.

All Summed Up!

Therefore, clinics, labs, and other healthcare organizations do not need to take such drastic business measures if they can transform to remote blood collection and testing options. A patient-centered approach is used for remote blood collection.

Only a few healthcare providers send phlebotomists to patients’ homes to perform lab tests when necessary. You can also request home healthcare services Dubai or in-home doctor visits if necessary.

If you want to avail of such services and don’t want to make effort then feel free to consult Expert Care UAE. we are here to provide you with everything at your doorstep and a memorable experience with us.

Four Qualities To Look For In An Excellent Home Health Care Professional.

Four Qualities To Look For In An Excellent Home Health Care Professional

Four Qualities To Look For In An Excellent Home Health Care Professional

In this era of busy life, health is usually lefts behind. We neglect our and our family’s health due to busy life and many workloads, but there is nothing else left for you without health. Poor health conditions will only lead you to a tiring life with no joy with many medicines.

Good health is the primary and necessary formula for leading a peaceful life in which you can fulfill your dreams and reach your destinations. If you cannot take care of yourself and your family, you can hire a professional home health care nurse that will help you maintain your good health without any worries.

Home care nursing in Dubai is now a demanding job and has great importance as you can take care of your work and health at the same time without losing the treasure like health. Home health care professionals are adequately trained but should have some qualities to take proper care of your family.

  1. Health Care Aide Should Be Patient And Empathetic

Being patient is the most critical skill among all the skills and traits of a professional and hardworking aide. Suppose your health caregiver is patient and has a tolerance. In that case, he can well-manage their patient because sometimes they have to take care of the patient with severe illness or disease or with a very old age person, in which they may have a very unpleasant task to deal with.

These health care professionals need to be empathetic and tolerant with their patients because this is the only way to make your uncomfortable patient feel at ease which might affect their faster recovery. They should put themselves in patients’ shoes and then help them soothe their disturbing condition, which is a difficult task to carry on.

  1. Home Health Care Aide Should Be Adaptable And Self-Motivated

The illness of their loved ones is not easy to bear, so it is difficult for the patient and the family. A good and responsible home health care professional takes care of the patient and supports and encourages family members that might be difficult, such as managing everything herself and adapting to the changing environment. Life changes always prepare for an emergency condition.

Your health caregiver should be motivated and can encourage and console both the patient and their family member.

  1. Composed And Observant Health Care Professional

Your healthcare professional should be composed and alert for any condition to face, handle it properly, and respond proactively with a calm mind. In case of any emergency and a situation they can’t handle, they can contact the doctor. Doctor on-call services are available in Dubai, where they take complete care of their patient. If the home caregiver is active, they can handle anything with the help of their experiences.

Excellent and professional health care aides are responsible and honest with their duties by providing thorough routine checkups and will never neglect and pass by any minor symptom and complication. They take complete and on-time action to stabilize those symptoms.

Adapting to the changing conditions is similar to the rollercoaster ride because, during disease conditions, the situation may reflect every second and every minute. Being prepared for that changes symbolizes the home caregiver’s professionalism.

  1. Good And Effective Communication Skills

A good and professional home caregiver should be fluent and effective with his communication skills because communication, reporting, and consoling are the parts of their job. They have to keep in touch and interact with the patient, their family members, administrators, doctors, and hospital nurses. They have to communicate with them and address them adequately regarding the patient conditions and maintain a specific approach with everyone.

They have to inform their doctor regarding the patient’s condition his progress rate and keep the notice of minor changes. A good and responsible caregiver honest with their job can do it all and provides you with a satisfying report.

Home Health Care Stressful Duties

Home healthcare professionals have stressful duties. They need to work overtime face many conditions that may be good or worse. They need to stay nights to monitor patients providing food and medicine on time. It’s a tough job, and they need a lot of patience.

Concluding It

Home health care services in Dubai provide you with the best services, home healthcare professionals have a tough job, but their training and qualities make it easier for them somehow.

Things to Know for Palliative Nursing Care at Home in Dubai

Things to Know for Palliative Nursing Care at Home in Dubai

Things to Know for Palliative Nursing Care at Home in Dubai

It has been witnessed that most of the patients start making their diseases complex and complicated when they start to stew, worry and depress themselves more and more. In most cases, the catastrophic effects of the disease get nullified when patients start to take the disease easy and convenient to bear. Some patients develop this type of positive and thriving attitude by their own selves but some people want proper back-channel support which can provide them with positive circumstances and conditions that can draw a ray of hope and light for their life. In this situation, it is intrinsic to go for Palliative Care Service at Home in Dubai because palliative care that you acquired by going to the hospital escalates your depression and anxiety rather than comforting and easing yourself.

The time when patients start to travel for more than 2 to 3 hours then there are 0% chances of them being positive towards life. Always go for a health care service at home that can provide all emotional support at your doorstep by keeping your convenience in view.

But before going for Palliative Care in Dubai, it is better for you to have some points into your consideration. It is required to know whether the value of care that you have gone for is all-around and panoramic in nature or not.

To make you more clear and vivid about it, let’s have a look down below.

Things to Know Before Acquiring Palliative Care at Home Dubai Service 

1. Connecting Capabilities of Palliative Care with Patient and Family

It is a known principle in the world of palliative care that a huge connection, link, and coordination is required between the patient and caretaker; and family and caretaker. But before you go for any Palliative Care in Dubai Service, figure out the skills and knacks that can be acquired by that service. You must be sure whether the service acquired has the ability to adapt with respect to the situation of the patient or not. Can they deal with situations that are uncontrollable and hysterical or not. Hence being assured about capabilities, competencies, and skills of coordination of Palliative Care in Dubai service at hand is a win-win situation.

2. Care and Attention based on Requirement and Assessed Needs 

Palliative care can only work best in a situation in which it is required. You must check out whether Palliative Care Nursing in Dubai at home that you have acquired is only having one plan that it is proposing to every patient or they first assess the situation of the patient and then map out the plan which can work the best according to the required situation. Otherwise, if the same design plan is being imposed on the patient then no upheaval in attitude and behavior can ever be expected. An important aspect of consultations is that “people need care and change”. When the patient starts to get a hope of life once again then there is an alteration that needs to be made with respect to the plan and proposed strategy to reach the next level.

3. 24/7 Excess and Coordination to Support

Any palliative care service which can play 100% when they are at your home but get banished the time you require sudden support must not be given a chance. It is advisable for you not to go for Palliative Care Nursing Services that cannot stay up on a call with you even at night and at unusual times. So you must take account of this aspect as well before acquiring and going for Palliative Care Nursing service at Home.

4. Dealing of Pain and Physical Symptoms

If you have joined Palliative Care at Home in Dubai service and it is not being able to lesson and subside the pain of the patient then it must be a bad option to go for. If a huge time span has been gone but the situation of the patient is not getting better with the passage of time then you must cease acquiring that service. You must never try a service that is not ready to indulge your goals and requirements.

Once service starts to put a change in the patient’s circumstance then your trust starts to get prospered. If you really want to make a change in the perception and hope of a patient then going for a service that can take account of physical symptoms and map out the way to kill pain in every possible way is never a losing game.

5. Construction of Positive Outlook towards Life

It is considered to be a responsibility of palliative care service to always give a wake-up call of hope and positivity to the patient. If any palliative care service can draw a ray of light and hope that life always comes with turmoil and sometimes we have to get through it then that palliative care service is worth having.

It is the job of palliative care services to focus on patients’ minds, bodies, and spirits. It is the responsibility and job of palliative care service to focus on improving the quality of life of patients and to help patients and families get through hard times.

Final Words

Every patient wants to have a palliative care service that puts the patient’s goal and design the first priority and then operates according to requirement and takes care of physical health as well as spiritual health. And palliative care service of Expert Care is one of those best services. It is a platform that not only helps you get away with pain but also focuses on the general betterment of body, mind, and soul. It is beneficial for you to kill disease and also get a positive and healthy outlook towards life as a byproduct. Hence every improvement of life quality and every positivity in mindset can be optimized by palliative care services