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Blood Test at Home is the New Normal

Blood Test at Home is the New Normal

Regular blood tests are essential for identifying and monitoring various diseases, but finding a lab that can produce accurate results can be time-consuming. Technology development has aided healthcare professionals in making diagnostic procedures for patients as simple as possible.

Having blood tests done at home is now the new norm for anyone who is sick of standing in long lines at labs for their turn. It will make your life easy and save you alot of time.

However, you will learn about why collecting a Blood Test at Home is the new normal by discussing several reasons. So, take a moment and read this informative blog post.

Reasons for collecting blood samples at home

These modifications to healthcare institutions have adopted new procedures and technologies that enable patients to collect their own blood or conduct self-tests. Yet, at the same time, they are safe and secure at home.

Remote blood collection, screening, and testing are more popular now than ever because they desire to communicate with patients and clinical trial participants while secure at home.


Here are several reasons why people choose this amazing service.

  • It is accessible – Patients who live far from metro centers can have their blood drawn remotely, saving them the trip to the hospital. In addition, doctors can remotely monitor patients and request blood tests that can be performed on patient-collected samples thanks to telehealth technologies like wireless heart monitors and remote devices.


  • It is comfortable – They use a patented volumetric absorptive microsampling technique that involves taking tiny, volumetrically precise blood samples on the absorbent tip of the apparatus. The method enhances the patient experience because it is simpler to use than other self-sampling tools and less painful and stressful than venipuncture blood draws. In addition, patients can accurately take blood samples at home, reducing the number of visits necessary for follow-up medical care, such as therapeutic drug monitoring.


  • It is satisfying – Clinical trials will continue to be a crucial component of research even after the pandemic. A convenient method for samples from trial participants who cannot visit the trial center is remote sampling. Participants can order the remote sampling kit over the phone and deliver it to their residence. Participants return their blood samples via mail for laboratory examination.


  • It is a safe choice – Blood collection remotely promotes patient and healthcare professional safety. Patients are not required to go to a clinic for blood collection or testing. Instead, blood collection kits are mailed to the patient. Patients send their samples to the lab for analysis by mail using the provided envelope.

The patient-centric approach to blood collection is rapidly replacing traditional blood draws. When necessary, a small number of healthcare organizations still send phlebotomists to patients’ homes to provide mobile lab services, but this practice has some safety risks. To help lower the risk of exposure for patients and medical personnel, businesses like expert care are offering straightforward at-home blood collection kits with the Mitra microsampling device.


  • It is a Viability – Patients’ avoidance of in-person blood draws and lab tests has forced many doctor’s offices, clinics, and labs to transition their staff to part-time hours or fire employees, lower salaries, and halt 410(k) matching. In addition, many healthcare organizations are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic because they are unable to adopt telehealth and the supporting technologies quickly.

The Takeaway

Therefore, A patient-centric approach is used in remote blood collection. Phlebotomists are only occasionally sent by a few healthcare organizations to patients’ homes to conduct lab tests as needed. If necessary, you can also get a doctor to visit your home.

To collect lab samples at the patient’s convenience at home or at the office, Expert Care UAE is equipped to send home healthcare specialists for lab Tests At Home In Dubai. Feel free to make an appointment as it is simple as filling out a form or scheduling one through a phone call.

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